Eastern Road Race League
The next ERRL event is the Islington Cycling Club Womens Road Race

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27th October: 2022 Racing Message

Due to the Pandemic and nothing to discuss there will not be an AGM in November 2021. Because of the problems with running events in 2021 and the possibility of fewer events in 2022 due to a shortage of BC Officials, the ERRL Committee have decided to give all existing clubs another free year.

6th August: August Update of Event Cancellations

Most ERRL event have now been cancelled due to Covid-19. This leaves possibly two events the Jef Schils Memorial on 6th Sep and Maldon on 20th Sep.

24th March: Events Cancelled

Please note BC have cancelled all events until 30th June 2020. The message from BC is on the Forum here: http://forum.errl.org.uk/showthread.php?15872-Events-cancelled-until-the-end-of-June

17th March: Events Cancelled

BC have cancelled all their events until the end of April.

11th November: Updated Rules for 2019

An updated version of the ERRL Rules can be found on the Forum here: http://forum.errl.org.uk/showthread.php?15647-ERRL-2019-Rules

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