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25th August: That League Team Championship - just who has won it before?

It's a select band and here they are:

Orbea/BMC/Heron 2009 and 2010

Interbike 2006 and 2008

Glendene 2004

Cambridge 2005

API 2007

Eastern Region Velo 2003

Only two other teams have even finished in the first three. They are the current leaders ELV, who finished 2nd last year; and Finchley RT who faded to 3rd last year after being runners up for the previous two years. In recent years it's only VC Norwich who have also made it into the top 5.

This season the clubs currently lying 2nd and 3rd look set to break into this inner circle, while Cambridge and Norwich are slipping backwards. PCH is a new Racing Team formed this year and focussed on this competition, but St Ives are the most spectacular improvers, up to 3rd from their previous best position of 13th achieved last year.

(All results taken only from the records available on this site.)

25th August: League Champions Contest

Just as the season winds up for another nail-biting climax, the picture presented by the tables published on this site has gone fuzzy. Three of the results from the ELV 2 Day race are not showing in the table for the club competition and nor is the result for the Fenland Clarion 3/4 race

For the latest updated position follow this thread on the forum.

20th June: The Thriller League - and the suspense that kills

We know the races took place, people were there, they're up on YouTube: three ERRL races - Paul Simon Homes RR, Redgrave RR, Eagle RC RR.

The mystery is just what were the results of these races?

Any information leading to the capture of these results will be amply rewarded. . .

8th May: Finchley RT storms back

Jack Davis won the bikerace for Finchley at the Techniflo 3/4 race, and Andy Hastings took maximum ERRL club points for his 4th place in the Lea Valley Road Race. It's been a lean time for the North Londoners, with wins eluding them and perhaps today will represent a turn in the wheel of fortune and breathe new life into their title challenge - suddenly they're 5th!

It's been a good day too for PCH, with their strong stable of riders racking up points in both today's races. This was enough to take back the League lead from St Ives, who demonstrated their insouciance by looking beyond the ERRL altogether and wondering instead how their representation in the Lincoln GP was faring (uh, that's you Jamie. . .).

From this week's hosts St Ives, to next week but one's CC Hackney: they are the other team who seem to score points despite themselves and in doing so today they have now distanced themselves from ELV to claim sole title to 3rd place.

For connoisseurs today has offered other interest. It's good to see points going to CC Luton and to CC Ashwell and first League points for Fenland Clarion as well. More clubs are being drawn into the results, having a sniff at what they can achieve. It's from such small beginnings that title challenges eventually grow.

NOTE - Results of Ixworth Criteriums not yet published and not yet included in the ERRL tables.

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17th April: Brilliance, channelling pure brilliance

Has any team ever entered just two riders into an ERRL race and found them placing one and two in the finish? Of course they have, because this year this is of course the League of brilliance, and we can all remember the Ipswich BC RR and CC Hackney's triumph.

But that one-two is what St Ives achieved again today in the Ken Wright Memorial RR. And this is no something-or-other ERRL race, itís got pedigree and itís got class and this year it attracted a field to do it justice. In each of the previous two years it has been won by riders of simply peculiar brilliance, last year Basil Moss (CCC) and previously the perhaps even more gifted and even more enigmatic Jon Tomlinson (ELV).

But this year St Ives achieved an exceptional double victory. Malcolm Smith came around David Barnes (ELV, and eventually fourth) to win from the break, while at the same time he was overhauled by his teammate Lee Desborough for the win from the bunch sprint.

If St Ives donít take the chance this year to chase the ERRL title, surely weíll all be entitled to wonder something about them as a club.

They go top, they go top in style, and we congratulate them.

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