Eastern Road Race League
The next ERRL event is the Islington Cycling Club Womens Road Race

ERRL Rules

(Amended 23rd November 2019)
1. The name of the organisation shall be called the EASTERN ROAD RACE LEAGUE - ERRL.
2. The ERRL objective is to provide, through its Member Clubs, Road Racing, under the Rules of British Cycling of not less than 50kms for first claim riders. Member Clubs are encouraged to organise a Women only event on the same day in addition to their National or Regional event.
3. Membership is open to Club/Teams registered with the Eastern Region of British Cycling who have been in existence for at least one year and have already run a British Cycling event on the public roads. The annual membership fee shall be 15.00 for Member clubs payable on 1st October the previous year. All clubs must complete a Renewal Form. Clubs who fail to pay or register their event with British Cycling by 10th January following the AGM will be deemed to have resigned. Prior to the AGM all new applications for membership to be sent to the Secretary for inclusion in the Agenda and they must have an event registered with British Cycling and send a representative to the AGM.
4. A General Meeting shall be called annually at the end of each season the date to be determined by the secretary. Notice of the AGM will be made known at least six weeks before convention.
5. The League shall be governed by the delegates of member clubs (one voting delegate per club), who shall elect annually at the AGM a management committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer who may offer themselves for re-election even if their club withdraws from the League. The management committee shall be responsible for the general administration of League affairs. A Committee member may hold two positions but not all three.

6. The AGM of the League shall transit the following business:-

  • To receive and if approved adopt the Management Committee's report.
  • To receive and if approved adopt the Treasurer's report for that year.
  • To elect a Management Committee.
  • To elect up to 4 ex officio to assist the management committee.
  • To appoint a webmaster.
  • To appoint an Auditor.
  • To consider, discuss and make votes on all valid propositions.
  • To discuss future finance.
  • To conclude any outstanding finance from Member Clubs.
7. Each member club including new members shall promote annually one or more races in accordance with rule 2. If a club runs both a Regional and a National event at any time during the season the Regional one must be the ERRL event. The National event is at the discretion of the club. Such races will be preferably at weekends or Bank holidays on public roads.
Any club that undertakes to promote the BC Eastern championship does not have to promote on behalf of the ERRL for that year. The said club qualifies for all the League competitions. If a Member club promotes a circuit race in addition to an Event on the open road in accordance with ERRL rules the member club can apply to have it included as a counting event in the Team and individual competitions. In order to facilitate a proper distribution of racing for all categories the League reserves the right to suggest the categories of races promoted by its constituent clubs.
8. The promoting club shall be responsible in all matters concerning their events, and shall pay all levies to League and BC along with relevant documents.
9. Race results will be sent to the secretary /website manager within seven days of the event.
10. Prize values shall be of the following order and not less than:-
  • Circuit races with under 40 Entries at the organisers discretion.
  • 40 Riders £14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
  • 50 Riders £18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
  • 60 Riders £22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
  • 70 Riders £24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6
  • 80 Riders £26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8
Primes and enticements are at the organisers discretion.
11. Field Selection
a) Non-member clubs may be represented in league races, but never at the expense of any League Members who enter by the normal twenty days closing date. The selection of entrants for league races should allow equitable representation of ALL member clubs, except in National events (see 11e).
b) Where an event is under subscribed on the closing date promoting clubs may complete the race start sheet with further entrants from their own or other member clubs and then entrants from non-member clubs.
c) Race competitors will be categorised as per their racing licences on all start sheets.
d) For Regional Events:
In the event of a full field of ERRL riders equal representation to be enforced (i.e. to select the field one rider taken from each ERRL club in turn then second rider etc. until field is full. Riders to be selected according to the current and previous seasons Licence points (indicated on their entry form unless otherwise specified by Club secretary of the riders club under a single cover by letter before the closing date). The number and selection of reserve riders is at the discretion of the organiser. There must be no more than 25% of the main field as allowed under the BC Technical Regulations. They should not be listed alphabetically in name or club order.
e) For National Events:
There shall be no restrictions on field selection for National level ERRL events.
f) Any rider from a member club who enters an ERRL event and finds another rider has been given preferential entry contrary to rules should notify the management committee who will decide appropriate punishment of the promoting club. (This could mean exclusion from the League for the current or subsequent seasons).
12. Events may not be postponed and any club not running their event on the declared date without a valid reason beyond their control render themselves unavailable for the remaining league calendar, and liable to dismissal from the league. All suspensions to be for one year from the date of the cancelled event or misdemeanour, any club thus suspended may re-apply for membership at the AGM following the end of their suspension, under the same conditions as a new member.
13.Member clubs are encouraged to provide Regional Commissaries and Assistant Commissaries but MUST supply an Accredited Marshal, subject to Regional approval, who will fulfil their commitment to marshal at 5 races in a Calendar Year. Existing Member Clubs failing to provide a marshal may be removed from the league at the discretion of the Committee.
14.a) The ERRL Trophy will be competed for each year by the member Clubs aggregating the highest number of the points from a structure where points are awarded for the top 10 ERRL riders finishing within the placings awarded points under British Cycling rules. Clubs will be awarded 15 points for the 1st placed ERRL rider, 12 points for second placed ERRL rider and so on down to 1 point for the 10th ERRL finisher in all league events, as per BC Band 4 Points Schedule. If there are fewer than 10 ERRL finishers in the placings awarded points by British Cycling, no additional points will be awarded for riders outside of the placings.
In addition the overall winning team will receive a cheque for the sum of 150.00 plus medals.
b) The Individual Championship for men and women riders will be awarded points as per BC Band 3 Schedule. In addition the first three male and female riders overall will receive 1st 100, 2nd 75 & 3rd 50 plus medals.
15. All ERRL events will advertise the fact their race programme, BC Handbook/Calendar (on the BC registration form in the Notes section, for National events the note to read "No preference is given to ERRL members" for Regional events the note to read " Preference is given to ERRL members"), where possible in other media.
16. In all matters the BC Technical Regulations apply.

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